D —> One time I attempted to yield a pair of scissors and cut my own hairD —> But the results wereD —> …D —> Hairy 

D —> One time I attempted to yield a pair of scissors and cut my own hair
D —> But the results were
D —> …
D —> Hairy 


D —> Allow me to e%plain this in a way that even you humans c001d understand
D —> This is a little long-winded, but bear with me
D —> From what I’ve gathered, your kind is limited by a single romantic quadrant

D —> As it is the closest to our flushed quadrant, it seems you all assume that the flushed quadrant is the most valid one
D —> However, this is not the case

D —> While red and black romances are important to the propagation of our species, trolls generally seek balance among their quadrants

D —> Moirallegiance is linked to pity, but I also believe it can be just as fulfilling as matespritship
D —> A moirail is fated to keep you in check and 100k out for you, and therefore must intimately understand your greatest weaknesses

D —> Some are not as gifted in the realm of moirallegiance as I, sometimes ending up in a relationship where their moirail thinks of them as burdensome or emotionally draining

D —> But I have been blessed with a moirail who cares for me and offers me e%cellent feelings jams whenever I require them

D —> Despite my perspiration, my uncontr001able STRENGTH, my pec001iar interests
D —> Nepeta has always been there for me
D —> And I hope to appropriately return the favor

D —> That being said, I cannot imagine her ever developing red attraction to me
D —> I am interested in someone, and I believe she has her eyes on someone else as well, hopefully a worthy troll of her own social status
D —> IE not Karkat
D —> I suppose if she really wished for a matesprit and there was no one suitable, I w001d consider the arrangement, but it’s highly unlikely

D —> That also being said, I do find my moirail e%ceptionally cute
D —> She’d be cuter if she’d clean up and present herself more properly though

((i hope you feel better soon!!))

((i hope you feel better soon!!))